Skeptical of political and corporate there a connection?

Is there an increasing gap in expectations between what the community expects and what our political and business leaders provide?
A recent report published by the Australian Institute of Company Directors and authored by Steven Cole, an experienced director, titled "Mind the Expectation Gap – on the role of a company director" suggested that this gap is seriously impacting upon the ability for Directors to perform their role, and is impacting on national competitiveness.
This gap is caused by confusion due to the following:
Cole noted: “The performance of corporations and their boards is usually assessed and judged by regulators, courts, media and the public with the benefit of hindsight; without time constraints; and with access to all the information possible that may have been
relevant to the judgment made and its probable consequences. Hindsight is truly 20/20 vision, but hindsight 20/20 vision is not available to the directors when the decisions need to be made."

This publication warns that if the expectation asymmetry between the law, best corporate governance practice and society’s expectations is not addressed, primary consequences will include overly defensive corporate practices focused on compliance
and liability protection, rather than productive and prudential entrepreneurship; too much valuable boardroom time being spent on conformance rather than performance issues; and a reluctance among skilled and able business leaders to assume public directorial office due to unreasonable liability and reputation risks.

I would contend that this phenoma is a good reflection of what is occuring, and that this phenomina is as true for Directors as it is for Politicians albeit the balance of issues may vary.  That is not to say that Directors and Politicians dont make that sense they are as human as all of us...but as a nation, are we creating the best conditions for their success?  And are these gaps in expectations good pointers as to where the problems lay?

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