How many change programs can we deal with?

Have you noticed how we have so many more projects, change programs, new initiatives and strategies in our organisations today?  Have you noticed that so many more people are Project Managers...all demanding some attention and resource?

The 2000's was the decade of Project Management I beleive.  We now have so many PMs, and almost as many projects to go with them.  That means we probably have more focus on objectives that we did in business in the 90's.  But the dowside can be that in the face of limited resource, where do we put our attention, where do we direct our energy?

We may have more focus on objectives but less clarity on which ones are important.  This blunts the edge of gaining effective change, when we are spread so thin doing a lot of things in mediocre ways.

I sometime write for a Singapore based magazine called Walk Your Talk.  I wrote an article on this very subject and some ways of dealing with it.  The article is available from our website. 

You can access the full article here.  I hope you enjoy.